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Further references

All the details can be found on the Otoom website [1].

The entire mind model is fully described in the text "On the origin Mind" [2].

The original OtoomCM program can be found on the downloads page [3] on the Otoom website.

An OtoomCM version that drives a point in 3D space is also on the downloads page [4].

An OtoomCM version that drives an artificial 'worm' is also available on the downloads page [5], as well as its test results [6].

For the three versions of OtoomCM processing sound via a midi file go to the downloads page [7].

A paper that describes the chaos-inducing algorithm is available under "IPSI-2005 Venice paper" [8].

General questions about the Otoom mind model are answered on the FAQs page [9].

Events that have confirmed the validity of the mind model since its completion in August 2003 are listed under "Parallels" [10].

For general descriptions of the computer programs, additional articles relating to human behaviour and its relation to the model, and much else look for the various links on the Otoom website.

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