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How the mind works. From the neuronal dynamics in individuals to groups to demographics to society and culture.

Essential reading for anyone who needs to know how humans and their activity systems operate. Know yourself - and the others. Just as it would be foolish to stop learning after school, consider this material essential for understanding society and life in general. That goes for governments, organisations, individuals. Because not only will you learn about human behaviour but also about the nonlinear aspect of nature. It's everywhere. There are literally hundreds of confirmations from around the world which prove the validity of the model - see below.

Drill into the thought structures by going through some of the major philosophies from antiquity to the present and explore the dynamics from the brain's neurons upwards. By approaching the system of mind from both ends you will learn how it works, regardless of the particular performer.

By decomposing the thought structures into their various elements they can be identified as composites making up our cognitive dynamics in whatever context they may occur. The approach is rather similar to identifying the elements making up atoms, as a consequence of which the quantum world can be described in a coherent manner, regardless of whatever combination leads to the chemicals and/or materials we encounter at a coarser level. Furthermore, in both cases the behaviour of their fundamental building blocks answers to the boundaries established through probability envelopes.

There is no other book like it.

Part I with its 416 pages contains -

Part II (297 pages) contains -

Both are fully illustrated. A total of over 960 references from the real.

See the Synopsis for a chapter-by-chapter breakdown.

It's all there: how we think and form consciousness, how thoughts emerge from neuronal dynamics and build concepts, the function of memory, the creation of ideologies and religion, and what it all means in human affairs. How does an actual artificial mind work, what does it take to simulate the cognitive dynamics in our brain?

The print version is available from Amazon (Part I, Part II).

The e-book version (Part I + Part II) is available from Amazon Kindle.

The associated programs (OtoomCM, OMo, OWorm, OSound) are available from the downloads page.

The Parallels pages contain over 360 confirmations from around the world, collected after the completion of the model.

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