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This site presents the cognitive dynamics of the human mind, as well as their simulation through
several computer programs.

A few samples from the site:
Some background information and what the model can be used for (Further developments)
AI Programs:
Several versions of the artificial mind program (basic, 3D space, worm, sound, video, OCTAM)
Papers, programs, test results (Downloads)
"On the origin of Mind" itself (Books)
Confirmations of the model from around the world (over 360 items)
Several detailed studies along the same lines (Special Parallels section)
Basic Charter:
A suggestion for a fundamental rule set for a society
The social experiment:
How things can go wrong once ideology and corruption enter the picture
A short history of the entire enterprise
Cause & effect program:
An interactive introduction to cause and effect relationships in nonlinear systems
And much more !
Started November 2005
Last updated 6 May 2024
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Otoom.net acknowledges all individuals, past and present, who through their insight, knowledge and wisdom have advanced humanity in the arts, science and governance, and as a consequence offered protection against the primitive and the brutish.
Their combined efforts made this website possible.
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