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The 8th generation after the original prototype OtoomCM (hence its name).

Manual - contains download and installation, menus, operation, technical details, tests and error messages, credits, bug report.

The manual may be updated to reflect any queries that come my way.

Also available under Downloads → octamsetup.zip (17.6MB).

An example of the program with the Main, Settings, ShapeWorld and Audio graph windows deployed across the monitor. The default settings are applied to the AI Engine, ShapeWorld is running at 1280 x 720 with all the geometrical shape configurations selected and rendered with texture type Gold. Click on the image to view it at the 2560 x 1440 resolution.
OCTAM on full screen

Some screenshots (at 70% of their original size):

Start window
OCTAM start window

Initialisation window
OCTAM initialisation window

Operation window
OCTAM operation window

Settings window, AI Engine
OCTAM Settings window, AI Engine

Settings window, ShapeWorld
OCTAM Settings window, ShapeWorld

ShapeWorld window
OCTAM ShapeWorld window

12 October 2021

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