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An invitation to review

You are hereby invited to review the book "On the origin of Mind" (Otoom).

Interested in my CV?

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Several individuals have offered to do so in the past, but none completed the challenge.

Why would it be a challenge? In order to explain how the mind works over twenty major philosophies have been used to demonstrate the thought structures behind them. In Part II the neuronal dynamics are explained from the ground upwards to show how the system of mind emerges as a comprehensive system. Hence the text covers a considerable number of areas, it is highly interdisciplinary. See Synopsis for a summary of the content.

On the other hand - the Otoom mind model has already proven itself as a useful framework to explain human behaviour at any scale. The section Parallels contains over 360 examples from around the world which confirm the validity of the model, and this does not include the Special Parallels section with its more extensive analysis of events and/or phenomena. To view the latest additions go to the What's new page and follow the links under the "New addition to Parallels > ..." entries from the top downwards.

If you are interested go to the Contact page and email me. Include your postal address so I can send you the book on CD (Part I and Part II in one). Your review will be made available to the public on a separate page of this website. Of course you are free to publish your review anywhere else.

Whatever your opinion may be afterwards, one thing is for sure: you will be years ahead of the rest!

To learn more about the work see For first-time visitors and follow the links there.

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