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Submission to the 2015 National Ice Taskforce

The current policies create an increasing drain on resources while the problem itself does not go away.

Ultimately the only protection against an infectious disease is a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system evolves through exposure to the disease.

Whether the agent is a virus or a meme, the same principles apply.

Therefore nature should be allowed to take its course. Success enhances the immunity of society overall and the failures along the way are no great loss.

Immunity does not abolish the virus nor the meme. But their effects are reduced until they become insignificant. As the medical form of immunisation proves, the minimal presence of a virus keeps the immune system trained.

Two billion years of evolution testify that nature's way not only ensures sustainability, it makes the development of ever more expensive forms possible.

You may not agree with all this. But remember: you owe your very existence to the successful forebears who have overcome those travails over the centuries.

Brisbane, 17 May 2015

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