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In these days of climate change, extreme temperatures and rising energy consumption something to think about:
Thorium Molten Salt Reactor logoThe Thorium Molten Salt Reactor website


vwisp image

It seems that Peter van der Made's approach to build an artificial mind is the only one - apart from the Otoom model - to consider first and foremost how the brain does it. Whereas Otoom simulates the brain's dynamics through software, he is doing it via hardware, a specially designed chip.


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The most complete online source to download free programming files, source code, tools and more for a whole range of languages and technologies, including VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java. Over 25,000 resources to explore!


Marc Jaeger photo

Marc Jager's personal website - web design and other cool stuff - check out the links!


E Schmidt painting

Evelin Schmidt's artwork. Wer Schmetterlinge lachen hört, der weiss wie Wolken schmecken - Novalis

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