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txtchanger20setup.zip, setup file for TxtChanger v. 2.0.
Deletes and inserts text in text files as a batch process.

txtchangersetup.zip, setup file for TxtChanger v. 1.5.
Deletes and inserts text in text files as a batch process.

causef64setup.zip, setup file for CauseF v. 4.5.
An interactive program demonstrating nonlinear systems.

octamsetup.zip (17.6MB), setup file for OCTAM, the artificial mind program. Plus the alternative otoomnet_slow.zip (32.4MB), the actual folder with the program files. See the manual → System requirements and installation for more details about the two versions.

Spreadsheet containing interactive statistical tables regarding fertility rates, reproductive delays, ageing of populations from 224 countries. Although not referenced in the pages of this website, it was produced as an exercise in aiding the visualisation of some of the most fundamental dynamics in a society and the long-term effects they have, and therefore as a contribution to the arguments along those lines.

Spreadsheet containing the calculations for the section dealing with the same-sex marriage survey.

Spreadsheet containing the calculations etc for the article The naked culture.

The Brief, all the details of the Griffith affair (pdf).

Version 1.6 of the CIC compound interest calculator.

Excerpts from Koran counts
The quotes listed in Excerpts from the Koran on a spreadsheet.

IPSI-2005 Venice paper
"How the mind works: the principle dynamics in the bio and non-bio version"
Presented at the IPSI-2005 Venice conference in November 2005.

The social Europe: a formal view
Originally written in 2006 upon invitation to the European Commission's Dialogue Workshops.

OtoomCM program
Executable, manual, analysis tool
The basic artificial mind program.

OMo program
Executable, description, test results
A version of OtoomCM moving a point in 3D space.

The Worm has Turned
OWorm article
Originally submitted for publication but first rejected because it was assumed to come under connectionism (it doesn't), and the second time because the work does not demonstrate "concrete results" (read about the 560 tests and their results).

OWorm program
Executable, analysis tool, manual
An adaptation of OtoomCM driving an artificial worm.

OWorm tests
The spreadsheet containing the complete set of test results across all configurations referred to in the article "The Worm has Turned".

OSound1 program
Executable, manual, plus associated programs ntof, midigen, csvmidi.

OSound2 program
Executable, manual, plus associated programs ntof, midigen, csvmidi.

OSound3 program
Executable, manual, plus associated programs ntof, midigen, csvmidi.

OVideo program
Unzip the OVideo folder to your hard drive. Click on OVideo.exe to run the program. Screenshots.
Contains configuration files for setting up the AI engine (*.ovsp), and for continuing the AI engine cycles (*.ovai). Unzip them to the OVideo folder.

Demographic orientations
A comparison of countries in terms of their ideological disposition.

Life expectancies of famous people
A comparison of average life spans of famous people across the centuries.

OECD data of African nations showing their assistance and population numbers.

A comparison between cigarette smoke and car exhausts.

Calculations for Australian age pensions charts.

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